Applied Wildlife Conservation Lab

Marcello Carvajal

Researcher (International)

Marcello Carvajal Sanchez is a tropical ecologist, native to Costa Rica, Central America. He has over 10 years of professional experience in tropical herpetology, with particular interest in snakes and frogs, though his passion for reptiles and amphibians budded early in his childhood. After growing up in San Jose, then gaining experience in the herpetofauna husbandry in Monteverde, he came to the Osa Peninsula where he currently resides. Marcello is a free lance herpetologist who conducts wildlife tours and programs for Osa Aventura and La Tarde Ecolodge. He works with multiple private and governmental entities to conduct surveys of rare and remote herp species. His research focuses on black-headed bushmasters, American crocodiles and spectacled caiman at the Reserva Playa Tortuga in Ojochal, Costa Rica, and large marine vertebrate (crocs, turtles, whales) surveys with Osa Ecology in the southern area of Osa Peninsula. When he is in Georgia, he works with gopher tortoises, American alligators, and eastern diamondback rattlesnakes. In addition to being a researcher, Marcello is a wildlife photographer whose work has been featured in field guides for Costa Rican herpetofauna.

Contact Information

Puerto Jimenez

Osa Region, Costa Rica

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